Other courses

We teach many subjects including non-standard subjects.
See exemplary subjects below.

Training subjects

  • ,,Credit scoring for beginners”,
  • ,,Data mining — supervised learning methods”,
  • ,,Data mining — unsupervised learning methods”,
  • ,,Data mining — basics of text mining”,
  • ,,Analysis and forecasting of time series — advanced methods”,
  • ,,Statistical methods in business (with R)”,
  • ,,Multivariate statistical analysis in practise (in scope e.g.: factor analysis, canonical analysis, correspondence analysis)”,
  • ,,Statistical methods in marketing research”,
  • ,,Elements of biostatistics with R”,
  • ,,Elements of population genetics with R”,
  • ,,Basics of statistics with MS Excel”,
  • ,,Statistical analysis of medical data”,
  • ,,Clustering methods in biological sciences”,
  • ,,Statistical learning in practise”,
  • ,,Exploratory data analysis with R”,
  • ,,Computational statistics for practitioners (in scope e.g.: bootstrap, simulation methods, Monte Carlo, MCMC, EM)”,
  • ,,Foundations of probability and statistics with R”,
  • ,,Computer analysis of biomedical images”,
  • ,,Python from scratch”,
  • ,,C# from scratch”,
  • ,,C++ from scratch”,
  • ,,C++ and numerical computing”,
  • ,,Good programming practices”,
  • ,,Typesetting and text makeup with LaTeX”,
  • ,,Data security in IT systems”,
  • Courses ,,Language Y for X programmers”.
    • Language X: C, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby,
    • Language Y: C, C#, Python, JavaScript, C++ (basics).


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