In-house courses

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About in-house courses

  • An in-house course is possible already for a three people group. So small group ensures good communication between the instructor and participants what increases your benefits from the course.
  • Scope, duration, and date are tailored to your needs. It is possible to train on weekends.
  • We teach beginners and advanced.
  • We may teach many subjects. Not only these mentioned in the offer. See exemplary subjects of non-standard courses.
  • A course may be a purely methodological one — without computer workshops or as a purely workshop one (the latter simply without lecture parts).
  • It is possible to use another tool for a course: R, WEKA, RapidMiner, MS Excel.
  • We gladly profile our trainings for specific fields of applications or needs carefully choosing suitable examples and methods.
  • It happens that we base on data got from our clients. This allows to suit methods to data specificity. We show how to cope with problems specific to your data.
  • We teach in Polish.
  • In-house trainings are usually organized at client’s headquarters or in any location in EU.
  • The fee of in-house courses depends on the number of attendees, location of training, its scope, and duration. Courses are usually held in the headquarters, in Wroclaw or in Warsaw.


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