Short courses in quantitative methods and programming.
Data analysis and modeling.
Consulting in quantitative methods and programming.
Software development.

Short courses

We specialize in short courses:

  • We organize open and in-house courses.
  • You will learn state-of-the-art quantitative methods while working with real data.
  • You will get useful knowledge and practical skills.
  • Knowledge of our instructors is complemented by their practical experience.
  • Computer hands-on workshops take a half of each course.
  • We use foremost free software, mainly R.
  • You will get comprehensive materials facilitating future work with your own data.

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Data analysis and modelling

  • Exploratory data analysis and data mining analysis of business data of many kinds.
  • Building of predictive models and scoring systems (credit scoring, response scoring, churn scoring, and others).
  • Analysis and forecasting of time series.
  • We specialize in non-standard projects that require solid (?) theoretical preparation and big (?) practical experience.
  • We apply classical and modern data exploration and analysis methods.
  • We collaborate with additional experts in data analysis, time series analysis, experienced data miners, business intelligence consultants, and software developers.
  • We execute big analytical and software projects too.

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  • We offer business consulting in credit risk, statistics, and data analysis (remotely or at client’s office).
  • Consulting in research projects (remotely or at client’s office).
  • Translation of texts in the subjects mentioned (English <–> Polish).

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Software and programming

  • Development of software for data analysis.
  • Implementation of data analysis methods in many computer languages: R, Python, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Matlab, others.

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