Service offer

We will squeeze valuable information from your data and improve your business. See, how it is possible.


We analyze data, built statistical models, optimize business processes.

The results and the conclusions are presented as readable and comprehensive charts and reports. Besides of these we develop software for data analysis, process data, help in their analysis and teach how to analyze data.

  • Data analysis and modelling, data exploration, data mining
    • We analyze data and provide conclusions that will improve your business.
    • We build predictive models forecasting occurence of diverse phenomena and thanks to this optimizing your business.
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  • Analysis and forecasting of time dependent data
    • Understanding of dependencies: detection of periodicity, identification of trends.
    • Removing influence of different length of calendar months, holidays etc.
    • Forecasting.
    • Automation of forecasting.
  • Optimization
    • Some processes can be optimized using suitable mathematical tools.
    • Examples are: optimization of location of points of sales, optimization of logistic processes.
  • Simulations
    • If some processes depend on random phenomena or are random themselves them we can simulate them using proper statistical and stochastic tools.
    • It will allow risk estimation and delivering optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.
  • Development of software for data analysis
    • We develop software allowing you to analyze data on your own.
    • We create software automatically doing repeatable analyses and delivering readable reports
    • Analytical applications are developed in many computer languages (R, C++. Java, C#, Python, Excel + Visual Basic, inne) and for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, aplikacje webowe)
    • We will extend MS Excel abilities in data analysis and modelling.
    • Data analysis methods available in R can be facilitated in MS Excel. This will allow to do any analysis from used in everyday work MS Excel.
    • If only needed then our analytical software may be integrated with Excel.
    • We can optimize software to work with big data.
    • We can take part in your IT project related to data analysis.
  • Databases and data warehousing
    • In such projects we collaborate with experts from Apperise.
    • Preparation of suitable databases and warehouses, integration of data from many sources.
    • Reporting, dashboarding, Business Intelligence, applications and analytical modules for data warehouses.
  • Data processing
    • We may process your data on your server with use of suitable software.
    • We may process them on our server farm or in a cloud — if only needed or you don’t have enough computing power — you don’t need to worry about anything then.
  • Services and projects related to R statistical systems. Here our offer of services is particularly wide. Read, why.
    • Consulting.
    • Courses.
    • Software development, e.g. doing analyses and generating reports.
    • Auditing of your R software.
    • Optimization of software — often it is possible to make software working much faster and require much less money — thanks to our deep understanding of algorithms and R.
    • Parallel processing, hyper performance computing and GPU computing.
  • Scientific and research projects
    • We are scientists or former scientists. That’s why we eagerly take part in typical research projects.
    • We can help in grant projects and other big projects.
    • You may benefit from our help in software development.
    • Do you need a statistical analysis of your experimental data for a scientific publication? We collaborate with firm that are doing such services.
  • Consulting
    • Help in selection of methods and algorithms.
    • Design of algorithms for analysis of non-standard data.
    • Supporting your team — conducting projects together with your domain experts.
    • Remotely or in-house.
  • Short courses

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