We continuously expand our offer of courses.

We are looking for new trainers and ideas for new courses. Collaborators for analytical projects are always warmly welcomed.


If you:

  • are a specialist in a field related to data analysis, quantitative methods, statistics, programming or banking,
  • have in this field practical experience,
  • have research experience or background(nice to have but not required),
  • are able to teach, like to teach, share your knowledge and just like people,
  • are experienced in transfering knowledge to others,
  • are keen to collaborate with us and conduct courses,

then contact us.


If you:

  • have skills and experience in data analysis, modelling or software development,
  • like this kind of work
  • and non-standard projects,

then contact us. We are looking for permanent co-workers. But we are collecting contacts for future projects. There happen enquiries about highly non-standard projects. If such projects appears we will contact you.


If you:

  • have a company that offers services similar to ours,
  • have a project where you need support in data analysis
  • or our offers of services are complementary,
  • or you are looking for business partners for new ventures,

then contact us. Maybe some day we will do a project together?


If you:

  • are studying mathematics, econometrics, programming or computer science,
  • would like to learn how to analyze data, build predictive models or develop software that facilitates these things
  • and cope with real-world analyticsl problems,

then contact us. Sometimes we organize internships. If such an opportunity appears we may contact you!

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