QU Group

Learning, data analysis and bridging the gap between science and business. Learn more about QU Group.

What is going on?

QU Group (”QU” comes from ”QuantUp”, in short GQU) is a group of people who are interested in:

  • interesting and creative data analysis examples from diverse domains of life, business, industry, and science,
  • applications of data exploration and statistics,
  • R and using it along with other tools (more: why use R?),
  • modern and free data analysis tools,
  • data science and big data,
  • data visualization,
  • programming projects related to data analysis,
  • algorithms and methods of data analysis.

We meet in Wrocław (Poland) to work and learn together. A lot of us is connected with Wroclaw University of Technology but we want to have members from diverse universities and companies.

There are several dozens of members!

QU Group is supported and organized by QuantUp in collaboration with students organization AASOC.

QuantUp is a group of people with a big experience in applications, business, scientific and in teaching (more: about us). We analyze data, teach how to analyze them and develop software for data analysis (more: analyses, trainings).

AASOC promotes in academic environment Free Software free operating systems. Learn more about AASOC from their web site.

QU Group is a non-commercial initiative.

Want to know more?

  • Would you like to be a member?
  • Help in organization?
  • Tell about something interesting related to data analysis?
  • Do you have data you could give us to analyse them?
  • Maybe your company wants to help us?

Just visit GQU web page (in Polish) and contact us!

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