Tomasz Terlikowski

Tomasz Terlikowski currently works in one of the Polish banks, where holds a position of an expert in risk modeling in the Department of Individual Client Risk Management.

Prior to that, during 4.5 years he worked in Risk Assessment and Supervisory Validation Department in Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (in Polish: Wydział Oceny Ryzyka i Walidacji Nadzorczej w UKNF). He had been working there on quantitative and qualitative evaluation of applications of banks for using of IRB and AMA methods. He participated in most of the supervisory validations and inspections in banks where quantitative aspects of IAS and liquidity were controlled.

He has completed many domestic and foreign trainings regarding IAS and IRB. Participant of working groups within the EBA.

Tomasz conducted several internal training (for supervisory inspectors) and external (for employees of banks) in the field of models risk, IAS and the IRB approach. The external training conducted by Tomasz Terlikowski were attended by a total of more than 250 people.

Tomasz Terlikowski

Specialization: validation of credit risk models

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