• We teach data mining, working with R system, building predictive and scoring models, time series analysis, and statistics.
  • Our courses give useful knowledge and practical skills because we have practical, business and scientific experience.
  • We organize open courses and in-house courses tailored to your needs. Computer hands-on workshops take a half of each course.
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Check what you can learn during our courses.

Data analysis

  • We know from experience that even leaders in their fields do not exploit optimally potential of their data.
  • We can improve functioning of your business properlu making use of the data gathered in your company. This will give you competitive advantage / over your competition.
  • We analyse data, build statistical models, optimize business processes. The results and the conclusions are presented as readable and comprehensive charts and reports. We develop software for data analysis.
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Check how we can improve effectiveness of your business basing on your data.

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